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Hi, I’m Tùng

software developer, open source contributor, coffee addict, skeptic

I’m a Software Engineer working at Automattic. Formerly 10up, WC Vendors.

Some projects I worked on

I create tools to solve my needs:

Since I wrote the first line of code, I have been:

  • Building React web apps.
  • Contributing to Open Source software (WordPress, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Blocks,…).
  • Working remotely.
  • Writing a lot of E2E test cases on various platforms: WP Acceptance, Cypress, and Jest with Puppeteer.
  • Building WordPress custom sites and e-commerce.
  • Developing WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Building and managing government portal.
  • Building and managing high-traffic magazines.
  • Migrating websites to WordPress.
  • Developing plugins for multi-vendors marketplaces.
  • Integrating sales tax for multi-vendors marketplaces.
  • Integrating payment gateway for multi-vendors marketplaces.
  • Writing performant JavaScript.
  • Writing CLI and bash automation scripts.
  • Optimizing SEO.
  • Setting up and optimizing web servers.
  • Speeding up website loading and improving Google PageSpeed Insights score.
  • Translating WordPress into Vietnamese.
  • (more to come)